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New Release

"Blind Scenes" DigiCD/LP

We've been waiting a long time in order to present a really good album as our first CD release. As chance would have it, back in 2009, Neige of AMESOEURS/ALCEST recommended SOROR DOLOROSA ("Sister Pain" in Latin) because he likes the band a lot and thought it might fit the direction of our new sublabel. So, since their demo recordings were very promising, they were offered a multi-album deal on the spot.

Little did I know at that time that their debut full length would turn out to become a close contender for my No.1 album of the year 2011! Yes, it's quite possible that it will become just that since it is nothing less than the best of its kind I have heard in a long, long time.

This is very much 80s Gothic Rock with nods to Cold Wave and perhaps a little Alternative Rock. Just imagine something like the best of the 80s classics such as THE CURE, THE SISTERS OF MERCY or FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and you're on the right track! And that would necessarily be interesting also to fans of AMESOEURS or KATATONIA's "Discouraged Ones" era since both bands were obviously influenced by the aforementioned ones, among others, but most notably THE CURE. So, check out the band's myspace or the song in our shop jukebox!

Out February 25th, 2011

Und bereits am 18. nach dem Konzert im Viper Room erhältlich! :->
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