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Whatever fits my vibe. However after almost a decade of the Dark Electro typical from the Goth scene (Aggrotech, Hellectro and so on) I decided to descover how wide the world of Dark Electro can be - which is why I got to know Dark Fullon, Dark Trance, Darkpsy, Nightpsy, Dark Techno, Darkstep, Dark Synth, Dark&Bass and yada yada yada.


... I truly need to create a list.


Ho una visione Religiosa della Letteratura. Per questo dico che Dio é mio marito. Isabella Santacroce

Hobbies & Interessen

Everything that might pursuit my personal growth and knowledge. Mostly: Music (duh?), Veganism, Ecology, LGBTQ+, Gaming, Philosophy


Therefore: not for everyone.

I started my music activity back when I was 5 years old, studying classic music playing piano, music theory, solfège and music structure. However, I developed an intense passion for electronic music since the very beginning of my journey of life, expecially music which are trance and dance influenced.

In 2007 I started working as PR and Promoter for dark electro/goth electro parties, bands and projects. In 5 years, through the music knowledge I developed thanks to this experience, I decided to own my own party, before moving to Austria permanently.

In 2013, once in Vienna, I decided to become Dj myself, thanks to Mijk Destino , Petra Sopper (✝️) and to Schwarzer Reigen who supported me from the very beginning.

In 2016 I owned my own radio transmission named „Over the Edge“ where I used to promote one specific dark electro band every week, thanks to the Terminus project from Ivan Zollet (✝️). This experience helped me to expand even more my music culture regarding the dark electro sounds and the subgenres, giving me also the possibility to build contacts with bands and starting a true activity of music journalism.

Unfortunately, everything crashed down when in the same year I got serious health complications that pushed me to suspend all my activities at once.
Eventually, I had the possibility to return back on stage in 2021 to Schwarzer Reigen and since then, I started again being active in the music business.

Today, I work for HEAVY, where I am responsible for the management and the Dj booking of the Electro Floor, the Schattenwelt - Gothic Community Austria in which I became Assistant Manager of the Organisation and Manager of Electronic Fallout together with my long years parthner in crime Dj Terrorissmo.

Occasionally I also help crews and party organisations, also outside the Schwarzes Szene.

Aside, I keep my knowledge about music on an artistic and cultural level going around having interviews and little chats with artists I support and like.

All-in-all I help with whatever I can provide to keep the scene alive and fluent, filled with my volounteering activities.

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