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Donnerstag, 07.12.2017
Grelle Forelle, Spittelauerlände 12, 1090 Wien [ Plan ]


Mysteriöses schwedisches Synthpop Projekt aus dem Umfeld von GHOST
Einlass: 20:00, Beginn: 20:30; VVK 13.- / AK 15.-


Mysterious synthpop/electronica outfit Priest exclusive one off show in Vienna.
Priest are a group of anonymous individuals rumoured to have a ghoulish past and presence in the inner circle of Swedish Rock/Metal band Ghost .

PRIEST debut album "New Flesh" produced by ALPHA (Simon Söderberg, ex GHOST member) out November 17th on Lövely Records (CD, LP, download).

The Stockholm based synth band, creating music rooted in the vastness of electronic dreams, has already released praised singles "The Cross" and "The Pit".
Bringing 2017 back to the 80's.

The Cross

The Pit


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