live Tropical Vampire

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Donnerstag, 27.06.2019
AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien [ Plan ]


slow wave
Djs Darktunes
Beginn: 22:00; Eintritt: Bitten um Spenden


Tropical Vampire is the darkwave inspired project of Swedish based producer Anna Helmersson. Through manipulated samples, synthesizers, effect pedals and feedback loops, the listener is drawn into an eerie landscape consisting of abysmal echoes bouncing to catchy beats and melancholic vocals.
Existing sonically between the border of convention and experiment, elements that only make sense in a dream.
Where themes of isolation, detachment and the fragility to existence are often explored. Residing mostly in underground circles Tropical Vampire released two EPs last year on limited edition cassettes on Malmo (Swedens) local Ghostdrone records.
Accompanied live by Antoni Wladyslaw from Nova Blast.

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