Opus Dei Tour
Mittwoch, 29.05.2024
Orpheum Graz, Orpheumgasse 8, 8020 Graz [ Plan ]


Einlass 19:00, Beginn 20:00
VVK € 42,-


Laibach's iconic album Opus Dei (featuring songs like Life is Life, Leben heißt Leben and Geburt einer Nation), released in 1987 on the Mute label, will now finally be remastered and re-released on vinyl and CD. The release is expected to take place in May 2024 and Laibach will promote it with a conceptual OPUS DEI TOUR, reprising some of the tracks from the album for the first time in many years. In addition to the Opus Dei material, the band will perform some of the important songs from its catalogue that preceded Opus Dei, with a few new surprises thrown in. As always with Laibach, expect the unexpected this time too.

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