Lady Lynch (release show) + An:idea

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Gravité Vol.VIII
Freitag, 21.04.2017
AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien [ Plan ]


post punk, synth-, (no) wave
Djs Joie De Fille + tba.
Live: Lady Lynch & AN:Idea
Einlass: 21:00, Beginn: 23:00; Eintritt: Free Donation (Suggestion: € 7,-)


Gravité Vol.VIII

Joie De Fille is honoured to welcome LADY LYNCH & An:idea live on stage in Vienna for her event series "Gravité" which aims at increasing female* visibility in music by offering the platform basically to female* fronted bands & DJ*s.

- This edition is a special occasion to celebrate the austrian band LADY LYNCH's 7'' release via CUT SURFACE
(CS005: LADY LYNCH »Hommage« a-side-only 7")

\\\ LADY LYNCH ///
– 1 Song – 50 Takes – straight onto 7" vinyl
LADY LYNCH's latest single »Hommage« OUT on CUT SURFACE on April 21st !!!
- During the live sessions on Feb. 25th & 26th in Vienna (Schönbrunnerstrasse 6) the band played their song »Hommage« 50 times, which were recorded & dierctly cut by Vinylograph.
>> Event: LADY LYNCH – 1 Song – 50 Takes – 50 Singles
And as a result of this unique experience, a limited number of 50 unique copies representing each real time recording had been produced.
Every single record will also have a genuine cover, handpainted by Philipp Hanich.

\\\ An:idea ///
An:idea is one of the extraordinary side projects of the Berlin based sound artist Klarina Tourette. The music reminds in its inversed asperity of a lyrical whirligig merging avant-garde synthpop experiment.
The singers' chilly voice hovers over the saturnine entirety, escapes and meddles while always sharing a part of itself.
A technophile wedding as extravagant as it is compelling.



Doors Open: 21:00
Start 23:00
free donation (suggestion: € 7,-)

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