Bloodbeat #20

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feat: Instant Lake + An:idea
Donnerstag, 07.12.2017
AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien [ Plan ]


new wave
Djs Vague / Anaïs / Efeufuchs
21 Uhr 30 - Open doors
22 Uhr - Live: Instant Lake + An:idea
24 Uhr -DJ Set: Vague / Anaïs / Efeufuchs
Einlass: 21:30, Beginn: 22:00; Free Donations!!!


Instant Lake
Originally founded as an experimental duo by Dario Amoroso (synth / drum machine) and Pierluigi Michele Grauso (guitars) in early 2015 in Caserta – Italy, they added in the same year Daniele Landolfi (vocals / synth, 100 Club band founder member) and Carlo Landolfi (bass guitar), reaching a more powerful sound.
The first new wave / post-punk oriented online demos earned the attention of some specialized labels. Later on Brazilian Wave Records signed them for an album and released the single 'Caustèro' (+ video, Dec 2016), followed by the remix 'Caustèro Paolo Favati Remix at Blue Velvet' (+ video) and the second single 'Sit Back' (+ video, May 2017), online on bandcamp and YouTube.
The 'Refractory' album published by Wave Records is distributed by Audioglobe (worldwide) / Danse Macabre & Al!ve (in Germany).
Available in stores from June 16, 2017

'Refractory' is articulated on the search for obsessive sounds and dark melodies on minimal electronic rhythms.

:A technophile wedding as extravagant as it is compelling:

she´s so fast
what a clean soundwave of a green future
full of icecold wilderness in the dark of a lonesome planet
just one fixpoint to find living space

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